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Mixed Rose Bouquets & Other Blooms

Roses can enhance any fresh mixed floral arrangement Whether you choose to add lilies, carnations, or another beautiful bloom, these truly original mixed rose bouquets showcase how roses can be the perfect touch!

  1. Roses and Mixed Flower Bouquets

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Fragrances of Roses and Mixed Flowers Bouquets

With mixed rose bouquets, you can customize your floral gift for the exact purpose and person you’re sending them to. Roses and lilies, for example, are a beautiful, simple way to break the ice on a first date—friendly, yet still romantic. A bouquet of sunflowers and roses, on the other hand, may be better suited for a Mother’s Day gift or a token of gratitude for a colleague or friend. The options are endless with mixed rose bouquets.

How to Design a Mixed Rose Bouquet

  • First, consider the purpose and intention behind your bouquet. Are you looking for a romantic gesture, or more of a friendly greeting or show of support? This should guide your flower choice going forward.
  • Use our rose color guide to choose the right rose for your arrangement. You will build your bouquet around the rose you choose.
  • Next, choosing your complementing flowers. Our flower meaning guide can help. As lilies symbolize purity and beauty, many gift-givers often choose rose and lily bouquets for all occasions. Be sure to take into account the colors of each flower you choose. If opting for deep red roses, you will want to stick to pink and white-toned flowers to complement them. White roses will complement virtually any other flower, while peach and yellow ones look best with green, white and more neutral tones.
  • Once your flowers have arrived, arrange the bouquet in a decorative vase for best appeal. Trim the stems, refill the water regularly, and use these care and handling directions to extend the life of your bouquet.

Choosing Complementary Fragrant Flowers

The key to creating the perfect mixed rose bouquets is to choose the right flowers—ones that not only complement each other visually, but also aromatically. This list of best smelling flowers an help guide your choices. Roses are typically complemented best by the strong-scented lily , the perfume-like gardenia, or sweet-smelling lavender.

  1. Roses and Mixed Flower Bouquets